Staking for the Future.






Sane is a non-custodial platform that lets you stake $SANE and simultaneously fuel decentralized economies, powered by a mutual credit system in bioregions throughout the world


Our virtual platform is a space where we seek and encourage resonant, sincere signals of uplift, and where there is less noise and confusion. It is secure (peer to peer powered, private, end-to-end encrypted, free of ads and user driven) and designed specifically to:

  • Upgrade our capacity to collaborate
  • Curate for coherence building
  • Sense make collectively
  • Focus on actionable information
  • Nurture imagination, inspiration and innovation
  • Gather and grow momentum as a meta-systemic, coherent Whole, while respecting each diverse and sovereign strand
  • Bring us together across distances, strengthen connections, and tend to a sane future together


On-boarding to the platform is holorythmic, one personal connection at a time. It is by invitation and/or by application, and it is blockchain-based.  You can apply here >>