Staking for the Future.

Sane is a non-custodial platform that lets you stake $SANE and simultaneously fuel decentralized economies, powered by a mutual credit system in bioregions throughout the world

Our Web3 platform (including an IOS App and an Android App) — built by our partner, zer0 — is up and running!  We offer the SANE platform as an online space to network and to strengthen a collective foundation for a future that uplifts rather than compromises the true, the good, and the beautiful, that says ‘yes’ to life and to the potential of a thriving planet inhabited by thriving individuals and collectives.


This virtual space is here to help us build coherence, sense make together, and gather momentum so that we can keep increasing our collaborative capacity and know that we are not alone.

Our virtual platform is a space where we seek and encourage resonant, sincere signals of uplift, and where there is less noise and confusion. It is secure (peer to peer powered, private, end-to-end encrypted, free of ads and user driven) and designed specifically to:

  • Upgrade our capacity to collaborate
  • Curate for coherence building
  • Sense make collectively
  • Focus on actionable information
  • Nurture imagination, inspiration and innovation
  • Gather and grow momentum as a meta-systemic, coherent Whole, while respecting each diverse and sovereign strand
  • Bring us together across distances, strengthen connections, and tend to a sane future together


On-boarding to the platform is holorythmic, one personal connection at a time. It is by invitation and/or by application, and it is blockchain-based.  You can apply here >>