Economy is the conversation between Nature and Culture. It is the transactional dialogue between humans and earth. How we engage Economy touches on every single part of how we impact the planet and each other, and yet our current economy is almost completely detached from earth. 

It is time to reimagine Economy, and  to implement a regenerative one that is filled with ethics and values that are aligned with the foundations of life on earth: the protection and the flourishing of the natural world we all depend on and are inextricably intertwined with, and the celebration of human health and wellness.


The SANEconomy is building Web3 infrastructure for a regenerative economy. We are working in three bioregions and closely with an indigenous people in the Amazon to prototype how economy and earth flourishing can go hand in hand.

Our prototype launch is currently planned with the Shaur Nation of Ecuador on over two million acres of Amazon Rainforest, ensuring the perpetuity of the indigenous ways of living with their land, while bringing recovery to what has been lost.