Our first two Villages are being designed and readied for first-phase members

in the lower Andes of Ecuador:


Takina Nuna - a rural Village on 55 acres of fertile land, and


Madre Tierra - a five-acre Wellness Oasis within walking distance from the charming town of Vilcabamba.



We are co-creating a more

Sustainable, All-considerate, Numinous, Evolutionary future. A SANE one.

From the ground up.  Piloting bioregional solutions to global problems.




Our vision is a vibrant, joyful planet. A planet where nature, culture and economy weave together in mutual respect, supporting regeneration, resilience and human wellness.

We are co-creating places where we work and live together to contribute to a more sane future: one that is Sustainable, All-considerate, Numinous, and Evolutionary.

For humanity to make it through the current meta-crisis, we need to evolve our capacities to coordinate, collaborate, and synergize. At the core of our Villages initiative lies a deep realization that we ultimately need each other in order to navigate this time in history. None of us can do this alone.

Our regenerative Villages invite us to keep 'turning toward one another, to engage our whole hearts, minds and bodies for individual and collective flourishing, to listen for the synergistic intelligence emergent in the middle, to collaborate without losing track of ourselves, to uplift and celebrate each other, to remain decent under duress, and to work together for a future that is wholesome for everyone.

We begin with finding each other.


Our Villages are made up of individuals committed to embodying the journey of becoming evermore whole and integrous - in word and action. 

We choose to honor the land, listen to it, and work with it, rather than against it. We see ourselves as stewards of the land, grateful and creative in both protecting and regenerating the earth and all living beings.

We choose to respect each human as a sovereign soul, and pay attention to both individual and collective flourishing. 

We choose to celebrate our children, to support them in staying true to themselves while thriving in a collective.

We choose to co-create a culture that uplifts human wellness.

Our two Ecuadorian Villages are nestled in the lower Andes, near the lively town of Vilcabamba.  




Freedom and Belonging: Humans require both the freedom to be and express themselves, as well a sense of belonging. We honor the dance between these two seeming polarities. 

Decency: We bring self-awareness and self-responsibility to our Village. We commit to showing up as decent humans, on sunny and rainy days. We care for one another's well being and engage in non-reactive communication and moving through differences with as much grace and elegance as possible. 

Commons and Privacy: We respect the need for privacy, as well as enjoy occasions for conviviality. The design of our Villages supports both. 

Service and Generosity: We are here to serve, and to engage with each other in a spirit of generosity. We ask not only "What can I receive from living in a Village?", but also: "What can I give and contribute to a Village?" 

Gratitude: We bring gratitude and appreciation for the precious gift of Life in all its forms.

What is a Sane Human?

Our two Villages are nestled in the lower Andes,

near the vibrant little town of Vilcabamba:

Our two Villages are nestled in the lower Andes,

near the vibrant little town of Vilcabamba:

Madre Tierra

The Village closer to town (Madre Tierra) is a wellness oasis, just on the outskirts and within walking distance of Vilcabamba. Set on 5 acres, it is a charming collection of already-built casitas joined by meandering paths, and surrounded by beautiful views everywhere you look. It has an in-house restaurant as well as an outdoor pool and large event space.

madre tierra 2

Takina Nuna

The rural Village (Takina Nuna) is on a 55-acre multi-leveled, fertile piece of land with its own mountain peak, hiking trails, pure water, extensive orchards, a retreat center, bee hives, refreshing pond, and the potential for permaculture gardens. It is a twenty-minute drive from Vilcabamba, and offers a serene, quiet existence, combined with a great neighborhood.

Each unit has its own private home, and benefits from multiple shared spaces and amenities.

Together we live an intentional, respectful, regenerative lifestyle.


We chose this location based on considering over 100 criteria.

Here some of the high-level reasons:


While there is much cultural diversity, many of the people of rural Ecuador are largely of indigenous descent and hold many values similar to our own, such as ecological sustainability, relational integrity, and bioregional resiliency. These values are also shared with many of the expat residents. The local people are heart- centered and very community- and family-oriented. They relate to our village initiatives in supportive resonance.



The 2008 Constitution of Ecuador is one of the most progressive in the world, and includes many articles that align with our projects, including the enshrinement of the rights of nature, local collective autonomy and self-sovereignty, earth stewardship, and the wholistic sanctity of life. Its overarching guidestone is for the people of Ecuador to have "Buen Vivir", which orients the constitution to articulate the principles for what it takes "to live well".


The mid-elevation southern Andes of Ecuador are optimally situated for an ideal climate where heating and air conditioning of homes are not required, and where the vast majority of plant species on earth will thrive. It is often called "eternal spring" - mild and incredibly soothing for the human body.


Clean Water

Clean Water, Pure Air & Abundant Food: High-elevation cloud forests supply the area with pristine living water. The absence of industry and large cities allows for an uncontaminated airshed, and the fertility and vast diversity of crops and local agricultural resources offers unparalleled food security.

Tranquilo Energetic

The combination of a heart-centered, earth-connected society with the pristine ecological backdrop of nature creates a visceral field of gentle energetic.


Multicultural Harmony

The area has a decades-long momentum of intercultural respect and collaboration, which is also enshrined in the constitution of Ecuador. Many of the people from afar who have settled here, came not because they wanted to change what is here, but rather, listen and add their gifts to the whole. This has resulted in an infrastructure and shared culture between Ecuadorian and International amenities that make for a delightful flavor and variety of influences.

Prototyping Fully Integrated Villages
Prototyping Fully Integrated Villages of the Future

Design and implementation of coherent, bioregional living.

Regenerative Lifestyle
Regenerative Lifestyle

Protection and regeneration of nature


Integrating permaculture principles with web3 infrastructure

Bioregional Resiliency
Bioregional Resiliency

Piloting bioregional solutions to global problems

Nurturing Togetherness
Nurturing Togetherness

Networking amongst ecovillages

Respecting Nature
Respecting Nature

Design that honors and works with nature

Appleied Regen Sciences
Applied Regenerative Sciences

Villages as living labs to research organic regenerative principles and mechanisms

Parenting for the Future

Bringing conciousness to one of the most important cultural tasks

Village Resiliency
Village Resiliency

Building templates for community resilience

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Be joyful though you have considered all the facts.

~ Wendell Berry