Amazon Protection & Regeneration

A SANEconomy in the Making


SANE is partnering with Shuar community leaders and members to build and demonstrate a regenerative economy in action on Shuar territory that is currently made of over 2,000,000 acres of Amazon Rainforest. This regenerative economy aims to protect and restore ecosystems, while enhancing human health and wellness.

This project supports the inherent sovereignty of the Shuar People and empowers the future they envision for themselves.

Through this collaboration, an indigenous lineage with all its intrinsic wisdom meets the potential offered by Regenerative Finance: an interweaving of the Web of Life and Web3. An Ancient Future.



Regenerative Tokenomics

Integrating Permaculture Principles and Web3 Infrastructure   

By merging Web3 infrastructure with the Web of Life, S.A.N.E. is pioneering a “Full Stack Permaculture” approach to the development of a holistic, resilient and rewarding process for regeneration. Our tokenomics model appreciates the interconnectedness and dynamism of Nature and Culture to champion an Economy that supports a Sustainable, All-considerate, and Evolutionary future.

We are integrating permaculture principles and Web3 infrastructure to measure and manage bioregional resilience and vitality. Our proprietary algorithm, informed by decades of bioregional stewardship and data collection, creates a methodology for stewarding ecological health by analyzing biodiversity, ecosystem flows, and social cohesion. Bioregions are supported to lead their own regeneration and sustainability efforts through properly incentivized regenerative practices, supercharged by the resources from our S.A.N.E. infrastructure and decentralized network of pilot projects. By using NFTs and smart contracts we ensure transparent verification and implementation of community-led work. This enables community sovereignty and resilience while fostering global cooperation and collaboration.

Prototyping Fully Integrated Villages of the Future 

Design and Implementation of Coherent, Bioregional Living 

Villages of the Future include both inner and outer design and application.

We focus on building coherence and a sane culture amongst a gradually expanding circle of people, a team steadfast in its commitment to not lose depth as we grow in breadth.

Simultaneously we are creating "locations" — both physical and virtual — for this evolving coherence and sane culture to begin to take shape and express itself in the exterior.

On the ground we have, to date, built one co-housing community in Canada, and an Ecovillage in Ecuador, as well as a retreat center in Ecuador and a few smaller locations for in-depth gathering and immersions. Following permaculture principles, the exterior design aims to encourage and nurture a sense of the sacred, a harmonious weaving of human relationships, and a deep reverence for the natural world.

In partnership with zer0, our virtual network is taking shape on a social platform that is secure, sovereign, decentralized, censorship-resistant, community-owned and open source.


Bioregional Onboarding Resiliency Toolkit

Creating a Web of Bioregions Working on Resiliency

In order to be truly resilient, communities need to become sturdy at the confluence of nature, culture and economy. Our team applies a meta-systemic lens and brings over three decades of skill and experience to resiliency building. As part of our onboarding process for bioregions, we offer a full-stack permaculture resiliency toolkit that spans tools and practices for the interior dimensions of self and coherent culture, all the way to utilizing web3 infrastructure and leading-edge adaptive technologies to protect and sustain the complex web of life in a bioregion. 

Our Resiliency Toolkit (phase 1) includes:

  • 108 assessment criteria for bioregional resiliency potential
  • Mapping of key individuals & organizations within a bioregion
  • Value perspectives mapping
  • Integral Framework for multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Coherence building & key strategies for core team working within a bioregion
  • Bioregional mapping, watershed mapping and ecosystem-based planning
  • Sourcing collectively generated desired future conditions for a thriving human/nature interface
  • Web3 tokenomics and SANE affiliation plan for bioregion
  • Roadmap for bioregional resiliency

If you believe your bioregion is ready to become a SANE bioregion, contact us and we can begin the assessment process.

SANE Platform

A Secure, Sovereign, Decentralized, Community Owned, Censorship resistant 

Built with our partner zer0, our Web3 platform is both a text messaging app for individuals and bioregions to stay connected with each other, as well as the backbone OS of our SANEconomy. Built for integration, using Etherium, The Graph, IPFS, Polygon, Open Sea, Unreal Engine, Gnosis and more, the SANE platform leverages Web3 infrastructure to create and network bioregional resiliency.  

Our secure and decentralized app provides a virtual space to help build coherence, sense make together, and gather momentum so that we can keep increasing our collaborative capacity.  

The OS allows for a one-time purchase of a SANE citizenship, which unlocks your capacity to receive payment, sign smart contracts, verify your identity, and participate in the Web3 economy.

Part of a SANE bioregion? Interesting in joining? We are opening to more participants in the fall of 2023. Apply here >


Integral Forestry

Managing for Bioregional Resiliency and Climate Change Adaptation


Utilizing the platform of Community Forestry we are managing over 35,000 acres with our partner (SIFCo) to create a resilient bioregion.  

The work includes ecosystem-based management, landscape-level wildfire protection planning, future conditions simulation, adaptive species transition, invasive plants management, advanced mapping technology, and more. We use the best available science, and are a forerunner in bioregional climate change adaptation. 

We imagine a future where ecosystems are able to withstand rapidly changing conditions, and doing the work today to exponentially help our bioregion be increasingly resilient. This work includes the consideration of all values associated with complex ecosystems. 

Applied Regenerative Sciences Initiative

A Living Lab to Research Organic Regenerative Principles and Mechanisms

The Applied Regenerative Sciences Initiative is a living lab seeking to understand, apply and embody the organic regenerative principles and mechanisms inherent in creation as foundational elements of our collective transformational journey.

We investigate, validate, and implement the evolution of a regenerative living template, specifically focusing in the fields of regenerative medicine, permaculture, economics and technologies.

We are currently completing the construction of our research lab in the Andean mountains of Ecuador, set amidst three acres of permaculture gardens where internships will be offered.

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Youth Consciousness Summits Deepening Relationship with Self, Others & Nature 


Located in the rippling green of the Ecuadorian Andes, we offer bi-annual Youth Consciousness Summits (for 18 to 26 year olds), hosted at Takina Nuna, our retreat center on 55 acres of beautiful land, nestled in the mountains, immersed in nature: silence allowing for creativity, sunsets bringing forth appreciation and calm, fireflies sharing light within the darkness, and the stars reflecting the vast universe.

These summits - organized and led by youth - arose from a desire to bring together likehearted individuals with the invitation to dive deeper into the exploration of the potential that arises when open and capable young adults come together in a facilitated container of growth. 

The summit design and structure encourages the growth of each individual, within the collective, and in relationship to the earth. Together, the young adults focus on finding depth and discovering more meaningful relationships with self, with one another and nature. Learn more >>

Parenting for the Future

Bringing Consciousness to one of the most Important Cultural Tasks 

A child well-parented lies at the foundation of a healthy culture. Conscious parenting is indeed a form of long-term activism. If you get the start of a human life right - if you parent in a way that supports your child not having to "get over their childhood", but instead enables them to experience their early years as a nurturing springboard for the rest of their lives, you are recreating culture, one child at a time.

It is never too late to heal, to become whole again. And: it is always worth working toward raising a child in ways that prevent the need for future healing because their wholeness was left intact, nurtured and guided.

In this eight-week self-paced online course, we have put together a comprehensive approach to exploring a new frontier in the parenting adventure. From meta-perspectives to daily practices you will discover just how powerful this integral-evolutionary context can be in creating the fullest, richest, most loving parenting practice. Raise the bar for how you show up as a parent and provide your child with the very best foundation for becoming a loving, creative, conscious being - while discovering an unshakeable ease amidst the inevitable ups, downs and doubts of parenting: 

babyfeet - raising future

Resiliency Centres

Building Templates of Community Resilience 

Communities around the world are facing increasing challenges social, economic, physical, psychological, and environmental stressors are converging, and the need for a strong network and resources in the face of such adversity is more apparent than ever.

In a mountain valley in British Columbia, Canada, we are building a permanent Resiliency Centre that is available in the event of local emergencies, such as wildfires, extreme heat events or flooding. This Resiliency Centre will also serve as a year-round resource (offering educational, social and recreational activities) for the community, thereby encouraging the overall health and wellbeing of valley residents.

We envision this effort as a prototype that can be emulated in all SANE bioregions ideally each bioregion has at least one such centre, and a support network can start to emerge amongst them.

These centres will serve as educational outposts for coherence building at the bioregional scale, as well as for family support, youth activities, and local exchange of goods and services. Buildings will be off-grid, offering spaces to learn about seed saving, food resiliency, soil regeneration, and more.

Fish Habitat Restoration

Bringing Them back to their Homes  

In certain bioregions fish populations are challenged due to warming waters in rivers and small creeks, a consequence of late summer and early fall temperatures that are higher than historical averages. These warmer waters are life threatening, stressing the native fish that thrive in cooler waters.

We identify creeks that could potentially be good cool water refugia for local fish populations. We then create fish passable channels so that fish can easily access the creeks from the rivers by installing ‘rock ladders’ at the creek mouths.  Following this, we establish diverse fish habitat and pools upstream by adding rock structures to the creeks. Finally, we add rock features to control bank erosion along the channels, and vegetate the banks to create shade.

The shade cools the waters, the channels invite fish up the creeks, the pools create local habitat for them, and bank erosion control reduces sediment accumulation.

Such new habitat allows for fish populations to thrive and begin to repopulate the rivers.