WELCOME TO SANE - a social platform designed to deepen coherence, uphold integrity, dignity and respect, and offer a noise-free environment that vectors towards the good, the true and the beautiful.


If, like many of us, you have been spending a considerable amount of your time on digital platforms over the past years, you have undoubtedly experienced how much noise and distraction exponentially inhabit those spaces, and how hard it has become to find the kind of information and connections that can truly affect both your understanding of the world and your impact in the world.

We find ourselves in the middle of a global transition that requires meta-systemic consideration, sense making and perspectives in order to reimagine the systems that support human evolution, while returning earth to sustainable conditions.

For this we need synergy amongst networks and a growing collective capacity for collaboration, one that overshoots anything that we have been able to achieve collectively to this point.

As so many of us are spread across the globe, uplifting our collaborative capacity will often have to happen in the virtual space.



In our current digital environments, however, we face the following challenges:

  • High levels of noise & distraction in the predominant digital platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  • Lack of discernment & wisdom built-into such platforms, resulting in real sense-making challenges.
  • A growing level of censorship by tech giants that do not have the necessary capacities to match their current levels of power and influence.
  • An increasing risk that content created by individuals/groups on such platforms can be wiped out at a stroke of a key, especially if such work holds perspectives that explore the edges of consciousness and are not necessarily part of the mainstream narrative.
  • The algorithmic control of everything we see online.
  • The security and privacy of our activities being monetized, compromised and, ultimately, weaponized.
  • An underlying infrastructure that is becoming increasingly centralized.



In response to these increasing challenges, and in collaboration with our partner, Zer0, we have created a virtual space that is more conducive to building coherence, and deepening insight and collaboration amongst us.

The virtual SANE World addresses all of the above challenges and provides an alternative to Facebook, Twitter, Zoom, Instagram, WhatsApp, Slack, amongst others.

We are excited to welcome you to this SANE World that is:

  • a curated environment, controlled by its users
  • a "by application and invitation" platform that optimizes "signal" and takes care of a lot of noise. By hanging out in SANE, you can contribute and find that which is sane, all in one place.
  • a peer-to-peer technology app that is powered by its users, thus a fully decentralized computing power. The platform utilizes secure, end-to-end encryption, organizes data within private networks, and does not hold or issue private keys. In other words, your data is yours. Your Network is yours, and everything is free of ads, with user control of what you see.
  • a social network for individuals, as well as a 'Network of Networks' - a space where networks can work together to create new systems to support human/ecosystem evolution.


Our current areas of exploration and focus are:

Climate. Culture. Design.

Ecology. Economy. Education. Energy. Food.

Governance. Health. Parenting. Security. Spirituality.

Technology. Transportation.


At SANE we believe that the next step in our evolution is for Individuals and Networks to work together while maintaining autonomy, and that the Synergy emerging out of such collaboration can provide the capacity we need to optimally navigate the times we are currently living in.

If SANE is successful, everyone will experience an exponential growth in their impact, reach and capacity, as well as contribute to a saner collective future for all.

SANE is, therefore, currently inviting Networks and Individuals who have a proven track record and capacity to hold multiple perspectives, while including and transcending those, in order to help create systems that are responsive to today's challenges.

We look forward to building this online space with you and strengthening a foundation for the future we want - an all-considerate, sustainable, evolving life for all. One that uplifts rather than compromises the true, the good, and the beautiful, that says 'yes' to life and to the potential of a thriving planet inhabited by thriving individuals.


In order to increase discernment and encourage coherence, we ask that you take a quiet moment to listen to our ethics & conduct agreement.

Please listen to this audio. Find a quiet place to truly hear these suggested practices and consider them. If, after hearing it, you agree, we welcome you to check the box below to indicate this.

In case you prefer read our ethics & conduct agreement:


Do you agree to engaging the following practices in the virtual SANE platform? 

  • The Practice of Decency
  • The Practice of Inquisitiveness
  • The Practice of Listening & Learning
  • The Practice of Taking Action

If yes, please check the box below, and we welcome you to shared exploration, conversation and sensemaking.

We will email you an invitation to jump on to SANE with us and look forward to meeting you there!