Based on the pillars of Nature, Culture and Economy,

we are piloting bioregional-scale solutions to global problems,

combining Web3 Infrastructure with the Web of Life.


Creating a more

Sustainable, All-considerate, Numinous, Evolutionary future. A SANE one.



SANE Bioregions consist of a series of decentralized bioregional resiliency pilot projects.

We focus on creating meta-systems that support humans living in sacred relationship with the natural world and each other.

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For humanity to make it through the current meta-crisis, we need to evolve our capacities to coordinate, collaborate, and synergize. At the core of SANE lies a deep realization that we ultimately need each other in order to navigate this time in history. None of us can do this alone.

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Economy is the conversation between Nature and Culture. It is the transactional dialogue between humans and earth.

It is time to reimagine Economy from the ground up. Time for a regenerative economy that is aligned with the foundations of life on earth.

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Bioregions we are currently active in and collaborating with:

BC's Inland Temperate Rainforest

Through strategic partnerships, ownership and lease agreements, we steward over 35,500 acres of land in western Canada. Using the platform of Integral Forestry & Land Stewardship for Ecosystem-based Management, we are participating in the creation of a resilient bioregion through:
  • Agroforestry & Regenerative Agriculture
  • Village Design on 80 acres
  • 11-acre Resiliency Centre for the valley community
  • River & Watershed Restoration
  • Soil Rehabilitation on a 400-acre farm
  • Bioregional Climate Change Adaptation
  • Reintroduction of fire at scale in historically fire-maintained ecosystems
  • Wildfire Mitigation

The Amazon Rainforest

A pilot project at scale: two million acres of Amazon Rainforest.

We are partnering with Shuar community leaders and members to demonstrate a regenerative economy in action on Shuar territory, one that protects and restores ecosystems, while enhancing human health and wellness.

This regenerative economy aims to support the inherent sovereignty of the Shuar People and empower the future they envision for themselves. Through this collaboration, an indigenous lineage with all its intrinsic wisdom meets the potential offered by Regenerative Finance: an interweaving of Web3 and the Web of Life.

The Ecuadorian Andes

In a bioregion where sovereignty and self-reliance are truly possible (supported by the Ecuadorian constitution, the climate and the bioregional micro-culture), we are stewarding 70 acres.

We are listening deeply as to how we can best serve this bioregion, and simultaneously we are engaged in and have completed the creation of:

  • An Ecovillage with infrastructure for 50 people
  • Retreat Centre
  • Permaculture gardens
  • Incubators, Youth Summits & Immersives
  • Soil rehabilitation

Building on our experience in Canada, we are beginning Phase 2: Working with the local community on bioregional resiliency.


Applying meta-systemic solutions from the

micro to the macro >>

Amazon Protection & Regeneration

A SANEconomy in the making

Regenerative Tokenomics

Integrating Permaculture Principles & Web3 Infrastructure

Prototyping Fully Integrated Villages of the Future

Design and Implementation of Coherent, Bioregional Living

Bioregional Onboarding Resiliency Toolkit

Piloting Solutions to Global Problems at the Bioregional Scale

SANE Platform

Sense-making & Networking Virtually

Integral Forestry

Managing for Bioregional Resiliency and Climate Change Adaptation

Applied Regenerative Sciences Initiative

A Living Lab to Research Organic Regenerative Principles & Mechanisms

Youth Consciousness Summits

Deepening Connection with Self, Others, and Nature

Parenting for the Future

Bringing consciousness to one of the most important cultural tasks

Resiliency Centres

Building templates for community resilience

Fish Habitat Restoration

Bringing them back to their Homes



 Our work is enriched by partnering with a group of remarkable organizations and humans around the world  with some we are directly involved, with others we stand in mutual support.


Together we are evolving our capacity to collaborate and make a difference.


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The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating.

~ John Shaar