S.A.N.E operates at the personal, interpersonal, community, bioregional, and planetary levels.


We are meta-systemic solutionists that are committed to learning and growing.


We engage in full stack permaculture to enrich the interconnectedness of the ecologies we inhabit, cohabit, and count on as a human family.


We steward land in vital ecozones around the world and are in the process of building out a network of such places in order to pilot solutions to global problems at the bioregional scale.


We have activated our second property in Ecuador, have nearly completed our technology platform, are engaging a collaborative partnership with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon, and now aim to find others ready to join us as we rise to the next level of living and working together through the seasons of life. 

- Who are we -
Each a story. Distinct lenses on reality.

Weaving together to hear a possible future.



We are regenerators.

Life itself is continuously regenerating. To align with Life, we too must be willing to regenerate, to realign, and remember the Regenerative Principles at the foundation of Life itself, and embody these.



We are visionaries.

A life without Vision is a life without direction and intention. We are at a moment of great choice. Do we simply swim along with the seemingly inevitable tides of corporate capture, separation and rivalry sweeping across the globe? Or do we pause, stop, and listen to what the future is calling for? We are choosing the latter, and committed to bringing such Vision into Action.

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We are dreamers.

We dare to dream of a world more beautiful, more true and sane. We hold these dreams in our hearts, and work daily to bring them alive through our hands, minds and relationships with self, others and nature. We find strength in dreaming together and creating new structures and systems for such dreams to find grounding and become lived realities.

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We are innovators.

Each moment is a new one. Each moment offers the invitation to repeat the past, or innovate a new present. We are listening for what is emergent at the edge of possibility: within ourselves, amongst one another, in our relationship with the great web of Life, and in the technologies of Web3.

Some of our Basic Tenets:


Each of us matters.


Life is Sacred.


We can make a difference.


Just because something has existed for a long time

doesn’t mean it has to continue.


We can re-shape our Reality.


Any solution needs to deeply consider the Whole.

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